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steper motor speed

steper engine speed is the time that elapses between the agitating one of the files and the next. And thus can control the steper engine in terms of speed and direction, and this is what will come to him in detail later, God willing. And the transition of a rotor to develop because of agitating the following file is called (step). And the accuracy of the engine Ktaiwi (resolution) determined by the number of steps taken by the driver to complete a full cycle (360 degrees) and this depends on the number of teeth in the firm, the more the number of teeth in the firm increased the accuracy of the engine Ktaiwi, for example, engines are written to take the step 200 is the rotor full (360 degrees) that is to say every step of the rotor is increased by 1.8 degrees, so that the accuracy Istalh by 1.8 degrees. So there is the exact engine 30 degrees and 3.6 degrees and 0.72 degrees ... Etc., and as we said, this depends on the number of teeth in the disk.
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